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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Nehru used to wear rose but did not know about farming


New Delhi. Campaigning for the upcoming assembly elections in Rajasthan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday resorted to ‘kaamdaar-naamdar’ (worker-dynast) jibe in his attack on Congress party which had earlier questioned his knowledge on Hinduism.

The prime minister also invoked the first prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru while talking about the agrarian distress in the country.

Without naming Nehru, Modi said a leader wore a rose and had knowledge of gardening but didn’t know about farming, which he held as the reason behind farmers’ distress.

“He (Nehru) used to wear rose and had the knowledge of gardens but did not know about farmers or farming, due to which the community faced hardship,” PM Modi was quoted as saying by PTI.

He also claimed that Nehru had objections about President Rajendra Prasad’s visit for the consecration of Somnath temple which was destroyed by foreign invaders and ‘renovated’ by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Modi also stated that he is a petty “kaamdaar” who never made the claim of having complete knowledge of Hinduism, nevertheless, the “naamdaar” has the right to speak.

He also asked the Congress party about the source of its expertise on religion. PM Modi has often labelled the Congress president to be a dynast or “naamdaar” on multiple occasions previously.

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