Bomb blasts in SriLanka UNSC must find a clear mandate of terrorism act


My heart goes out to all the families of those killed and injured in the multiple bomb blasts in Colombo, SriLanka. I pray for the speedy recovery of those injured. May the departed souls in these tragic incidents rest in peace.

A Cowardly and unethical terrorism act in Colombo on 21st Apr:

UNSC must find a clear mandate and definition of terrorists & acts of terrorism. Challenge existed from Palwama, J&K incident 14th Feb & will continue to emerge again in other nation state of South Asia.

Grasp this time for the South Asian Region & the world to be safer place to live & move forward with the dreams for a better Asian order.

Nations of South, South West & South East Asia must unite to face these challenge & terrorist acts united with the existing regional set ups BIMSTEC and SAARC to defeat the terrorists & the supporters.

Nepal and other nation states alike need to urgently improve their capacity and focus on the security sector before it is too late with added embarrassment in diplomatic efforts and foreign policy and handling due to the lack of priorities in security reforms and effective co-ordination.

Nepal needs to work hand in hand with Immediate and other nations agencies to hunt terrorists and their activities weather recruitment, logistics support, financial assistance. It is high time for us to unite against all forms of acts of terrorism.

There is requirements of a core geopolitical mechanism to build sober and reliable intelligence-based assessments and forecasts on acts of terrorism and other key trends of threats to help South Asian nations make informed decisions, identify opportunities and anticipate risks.

– this article is written by Binoj Basnyat Major General (retd), Political and Security Analyst

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