Dhan Maya Tamang distraught after she met her daughter


Usha Drukpa/Thimphu. Dhan Maya Tamang after meeting her daughter Sonam Tamang yesterday has been distraught since then. Dhan Maya has been crying and talking only about Sonam, according to the brother.

The mother apparently did not realize how serious her daughter was and the meeting shocked her. Sonam Tamang has been in Coma since September 2018. Her older brother had said it was 99 percent brain damage.

The Japanese social worker Yumiko Kan yesterday told The Bhutanese paper that the SND agent had said he plans to take the mother and son to Nagasaki to stay -which is around 4 hours away.

The SND agent Mr. Endo also prevented Dhan May and her son from talking to the press asking the local press to seek permission from the Bhutanese government.

However, a story by The Bhutanese paper on the issue yesterday lead to a major public outrage. Today, the agent changed tack and has agreed to look for accommodation near the hospital.

The agent over the phone has now also agreed to fix an interview time with NHK tomorrow. The agent, however, said that the social worker Yumiko Kan should not be around when the interview happens.

The SND is taking charge based on a letter written by the Labour DG saying that BEO and its partner SND will look after the mother and brother. This is though BEO’s license is suspended and both BEO and the DG stand charged by ACC in the Japan case.

The SND in turn is accused by Yumiko Kan and Bhutanese parents and students of taking hefty commissions from language schools for giving them Bhutanese students and also taking commission from the wages of Bhutanese students.
# News Report By The Bhutanese Newspaper.

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