Is it protocol problem to meet EAM Jayshankar for Dahal and Nepal


Kathmandu. In the basis of protocol problem both of former PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Madhav Kumar Nepal denied to met External Affairs Minister of India S Jayshankar during his Nepal visit. Is it a protocal problem or it’s another matter ?

There are several arguments in social site and news came that both of former PM proved their dignity and prevents sovereignty of country. Both of them were called for meeting in Dwarika Hotel where EAM of India S Jayshankar was resided during his Nepal visit.

Dahal and Nepal both of Former PM’s didn’t went to met Jayshankar the cause is dignity of protocol as per sources near to them had clarified. EAM Jayshankar met President, PM and various political leaders of NC, RJP and SP at Hotel Dwarika.

Likewise, former PM and Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba, SP President and Former PM Baburam Bhattarai were also included but why former PM Dahal and Nepal were not there, this is a question ?

Is it a problem of dignity and protocol but sources near to Indian Embassy claim that Dahal and Nepal were not in the list of member with whom EAM Jayshankar had to met. The reason was EAM Jayshankar had met PM KP Sharma Oli who is also a president of NCP then why should he had to met another leaders from same party ?

Neither they are a president of any seperate party or any status in present political position in Nepal. So giving the name of protocol near to sources of both PM claim that they had maintained their dignity and saved sovereignty of Nepal.

But the actual reason is that sources near to Indian Embassy said that they were not listed for meeting with EAM Jayshankar of India and it is baseless arguments that both of former PM didn’t met EAM Jayshankar at hotel because of protocol.

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