SAARC Journalists Association should be declared soon : Raju Lama


There is a universal thought,” We can change friends but not neighbours, and we can share happiness with friends but have to face problems jointly with neighbours.” In the means of this ideology or thought what we define in our own way friends should be good or bad no matters but neighbourhood should be strong and smooth.

I am talking about SAARC region along with many other good friends of this region. Regional cooperation and development is only unsolved matter between SAARC countries since few years. If we don’t have regional cooperation which we have been facing a lots of problems from several years we should remind regional development is impossible which will definitely effects, due to lack of our cooperation.

Lots of problems concerns on bilateral, trilateral and multilateral subjects and ties were even not only in pending but we are not let them for discussion. Terrorism, Peace, Stability, Economic and Social progress and developments, infrastructure building and technology etc are the main agendas of this region since few years but due to lack of dialogue and conversation between SAARC countries we can’t move ahead in this issues.

We can only solve all the problems and difficulties within us through peaceful dialogue and conversation but unfortunately from few years SAARC is in coma. We have names and we always believe on neighbourhood first foreign policy of our own countries in this region but in practical behaviour we are afraid and frightening with our almost all neighbour countries.

The region may be different but remaining always frightening with neighbours we never can reach in our mission And hit goal where we want to be. We always try hard and waste our energy to make big dig inbetween us but never think to narrow it slowly and no-one try never for this.

Now time has been come we journalists from this region should take initiation to narrow our differentiate. Yes we have many differences between us in political, social, economical and cultural fields but differences shouldn’t be desputes. Our historical background are the main causes of our differences but we should slowly try to narrow it so that differences should not become unsolved disputes which will not only disturb our relationship and neighbourhood it will definitely show us the way of destruction in this region.

Country to country differences will change into unsolved disputes, people to people relation will changes into inhumanity destruction. Therefore not only journalists, politicians, intellectuals have to lead to promote to narrow down our differences from diplomatic way and people should force them to come more closer.

When one neighbour is always poor and weak then it will definitely harms other neighbours. Likewise this reality, it also harms in the matter of countries to countries relationship. So, we journalist first try to narrow our differences and we have to try not to make this differences into unsolved disputes.

We try to organise journalists of SAARC region not only for our personal benifits but also to support political, economical, social and cultural developments. Indo-nepal journalist group and IJA is leading this forum and now unward we think we can now form SAARC Journalist Association quickly in near future.

IJA had already organised two time international journalists conference at Bihar in support and coordination of Indo-nepal journalist group. And we have created a group name SAARC Journalists group for open discussion where we can express our ideas and suggestions, how can we declare this Association soon ? What is the module of leadership ? What priority should be put to form this Association ?

We sould mention our priority and mission of this Association if we could declare it during our next international conference but first we should need to believe each other and made discussion democratically about its structure, leadership, importance and mission.

I think our buttonline of this association should be fight for press freedom and rights of journalists of this region, humanity, to maintain peace, development and friendly relationship between countries and people to people relation. Other matters and subjects we could discuss on our another international journalists conference where we must guarantee ourself that there should be representation of journalists from every country of SAARC region.

We are able to make participation of more than four countries in our two international journalists conference which was organised by IJA in Bihar. This time journalists of Bangladesh try their best to represent and participate in conference.

Many journalists friends from other countries of SAARC Region had assured me for participation but due to time of preparation is too short we could not able to do that but in future we are clear and fully confident that we will able to participate all the representative journalists of SAARC region and could declare our formation with important declaration concern on journalists rights and journalism.

* Writer is President of Indo- Nepal Journal Group and views are personal.

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