Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called on Indian entrepreneurs to invest in Bangladesh


MD Abdur Rahman, DHAKA. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called on Indian entrepreneurs from all over the world to invest in Bangladesh, saying that the most liberal environment for investment in Bangladesh is prevalent in South Asia.

She made the call while addressing the Chief Guest during a strategic discussion on Bangladesh at the World Economic Forum’s India Economic Summit at the Hotel Taj Palace in New Delhi, India (Thursday).

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh said that it is time for investors from different countries of the world, especially for Indian investors, to invest in areas such as Bangladesh education, light engineering industry, electronics industry, automotive industry, artificial growth industry.

She added that in South Asia today, the most independent and liberal investment environment exists in Bangladesh. Binayag-friendly Bangladesh has a variety of benefits, including legal protection for foreign investors, generous revenue arrangements, special discounts on the import of machines, unrestricted exit policies, full investment and capital gains.

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