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Tamang community of Nepal is celebrating Sonam Lhochar today


Kathmandu. Tamang community of Nepal is celebrating Sonam Lhosar across the country by exchanging greetings today.

Sonam Lhochar is celebrated by tamang as New Year in Nepal and is celebrated on the first day of the new moon during the Nepali month of Magh.

The tamang community divide their years into 12 cycles each one for a year, which is given a special name, represented by one of the 12 animals for each year.

This year tamang community is celebrating Lhochar by welcoming as a Rat year.

Various organisations are organising Lhochar ceremony and program across the country as well as individuals are celebrating by exchanging greetings between each other with their family and friends.

President, PM and Leaders of various parties of Nepal extend their wishes to the tamangs on the occasion of Lhochar  festival.

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