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No one should compare political opponents to historic villains : US President Trump


Wisconsin. US President Donald Trump has called on people to be more civil in politics, after a series of suspected explosives were sent to high-profile U.S. figures just weeks ahead of the mid-term polls.

None of the packages exploded. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has launched a hunt for their sender, the BBC reported.

US President Trump was speaking after parcels were sent to top Democrats, including former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Besides them New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and media offices of CNN and the San Diego Union Tribune, who are all prominent targets of right-wing criticism.

“Those engaged in political arena must stop treating political opponents as being morally defective,” he said.

“No one should carelessly compare political opponents to historic villains, which is done often,” he added.

Speaking at a Wednesday night rally in Wisconsin, US President Trump vowed to catch the perpetrator and called on the media to “stop endless hostility”.

Critics called his latest remarks hypocritical, as he often uses vicious language against his opponents and the press.


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