Avinash Kumar Tiwari won Rs 50 lakh on KBC 10

Mumbai. Avinash Kumar Tiwari from Delhi was on the hot seat of Kaun Banega Crorepati 10 on Wednesday episode. The quality controller in a garment factory won Rs 50 lakh at the Amitabh Bachchan show.

Speaking exclusively to indianexpress, Avinash shared his experience on KBC 10 and meeting Amitabh Bachchan. “It was an ‘adbhut’ (amazing) moment for me.

I am still not satisfied and would want to meet him again. You won’t believe, I did not want to wash my hands, after shaking hands with him. I wanted to keep that touch and feel with me forever. It was no less than a dream for me,” he shared with a smile.

On the show, the 30-year-old revealed that he has been staying away from his family in order to earn. With such a busy schedule, Avinash credited his fate for his selection as he said, “As a kid growing up in my hometown Champaran, I was always interested in quizzes. I enjoyed gathering knowledge. While I wanted to prepare for IAS exams, my dreams got shattered.

Owing to our financial condition, I had to move to Noida for work. While I hardly get time for myself, I enjoy reading newspapers every morning. Only after the auditions, I gave some time to read more about current affairs. It was a Slumdog Millionaire moment for me when the fastest finger question was related to measurement. Since it was something connected to my job, I could easily answer it in no time.”

Further sharing how the game show also helped him to spend some quality time with his wife, with whom he has only spent 20 days in five years of marriage. Avinash said, “From the time I received the call from KBC, my wife was really excited. When we came to Mumbai for the shoot, we both were so happy to spend some time together.

Kaun Banega Crorepati came to me as a God. It has not only helped me resolve my financial conditions but also my marital life. It was the prayers of my family and friends that I could win a good amount. Soon, I will also get to live a happy life with my family close to me.”

Talking about his colleagues, Avinash further said, “They have been really cooperative and sanctioned my leaves. While there is no special treatment as such but everyone is really happy about my achievement. And that makes me brim with joy also,” as reported by Indian Express.

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