US welcomes to UN for delivering aid to the Rukban encampment from Damascus

Washington. US Department of State welcomes to UN for finally able to begin delivering aid to the Rukban encampment from Damascus.

“We welcome the news that the UN is finally able to begin delivering aid to the Rukban encampment from Damascus,” US Department of State Heather Nauret has mentioned in press statement.

This delivery comes after months of pressure from the United States, the UN, the UN Security Council, and wider international community for the Syrian regime to allow the UN to deliver critically-needed assistance to the displaced persons at Rukban as stated in press statement.

We also recognize Russia’s role in persuading the regime to finally comply with the UN Security Council’s authorizations for the delivery of cross-line humanitarian aid, said in statement.

US Department of State further says by issuing the administrative approvals required for this convoy to move; we hope to see Russia use its influence with the regime to address the continued lack of humanitarian access across much of Syria.

Above all, we must recognize the tireless, courageous efforts of the humanitarian workers who are undertaking these operations. We hope this delivery lays the foundation for sustained rapid, safe, and unhindered humanitarian access to Rukban.

All areas in need throughout Syria through cross-line and cross-border aid deliveries in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 2393, and we will continue our diplomatic efforts to ensure that is the case said in statement.

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