President Trump’s Thanksgiving message to Americans


It’s that time of year again, as many Americans travel far and wide to be with loved ones over the Thanksgiving holiday. Gathering in places of worship and around family dinner tables, it is a time to give appreciation for all that we’ve been blessed with.

“On Thanksgiving Day, we recall the courageous and inspiring journey of the Pilgrims who, nearly four centuries ago, ventured across the vast ocean to flee religious persecution and establish a home in the New World,” President Donald J. Trump wrote in his 2018 Thanksgiving Proclamation. Facing dangerous conditions and uncertainty, the more than 100 Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts, and “instilled in our Nation a strong faith in God that continues to be a beacon of hope to all Americans.”

In recognition of their journey, President George Washington issued the first Thanksgiving Proclamation on November 26, 1789. But it was under President Abraham Lincoln that the day became a true national celebration on the final Thursday of November each year.

“We give thanks for the family, friends, neighbors and loved ones who enrich our lives, lift our spirits, and fill our days with joy. And we give thanks to God, who continues to shed his almighty grace upon this magnificent land that we all love so very much,” President Trump said yesterday from the Rose Garden.

“We are truly blessed to be Americans.”

The White House Christmas Tree has arrived!

On Monday, the President joined First Lady Melania Trump as this year’s White House Christmas Tree arrived by horse carriage to the North Portico.

“We received the @WhiteHouse Christmas tree yesterday! It will grace the Blue Room throughout the season – hope you will come to the People’s house to see it!” the First Lady shared on Twitter this week.

Each year, standing between 18 and 19 feet tall, the tree serves as the centerpiece for the White House Christmas decorations. By tradition, the winning tree farmer is determined from the results of the highly competitive National Christmas Tree Contest. This year’s great honor goes to Larry Smith of Mountain Top Fraser Fir in Newland, North Carolina.

“It’s like winning the Super Bowl,” Smith said

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