Prime Minister Narendra Modi assailed the Congress for alleged reference to his parents

New Delhi. Amidst a volley of personal attacks between Congress and BJP in the ongoing election season, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assailed the Congress on Sunday for the alleged reference to his parents. PM Modi also alleged that these remarks were being made under the direction of Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

“Your family has occupied top positions at the national level. The more you ask me about my performance, the onus is more on your family as well. My mother sits in her house, performing religious rites, confining herself to a room, and has never visited Madhya Pradesh. She does not even know the ‘R’ of ‘rajneeti’ (politics),” PM Modi was quoted as saying by PTI during a rally in Madhya Pradesh’s Vidisha.

Justifying his own tirade against the Nehru-Gandhi family, Modi pointed out that unlike his parents, they occupied top positions in politics and the government.

“Yesterday, they took the name of my mother and now my father. The Congress chief is behind this….Naamdar (in an apparent reference to Congress president) alleges that the prime minister takes the names of his family members. Yes, I have to take their names as they were in politics, unlike my family members who sit quietly in their home and do their job,” PM Modi added.

Former Union minister Vilas Muttemwar allegedly made a statement at a Congress meeting in Rajasthan on Saturday, saying no one knew the name of Modi’s father. “Who knew you (Modi) before you became the prime minister? Even now, nobody knows the name of your father, but everyone knows the name of Rahul Gandhi’s father,” Muttemwar was purportedly heard saying in a video that went viral.

PM Modi alleged that Congress leaders would not ake any such statement without the prior consent of Rahul Gandhi. “What has happened to the Congress party? Naamdar is tacitly supporting it, and therefore, its leaders are dragging the name of my father, who passed away 30 years ago. The Congress is running out of steam in this election, so they have started dragging my parents into politics. It is the ‘naamdar’ (dynast) who is making his leaders speak against me,” PM Modi said.

He further stated that the Congress was bereft of any issue and was, therefore, indulging in ‘abusive rhetoric’. Earlier, Uttar Pradesh Congress chief Raj Babbar had compared the falling value of the rupee to the advanced age of Modi’s mother.

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