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Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused Congress of delaying Ayodhya decision

Jaipur. Addressing a rally in Alwar on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the Congress of delaying the Ayodhya decision through its Rajya Sabha members who are Supreme Court lawyers.

“You know, when the Ayodhya case was going on, Congress Rajya Sabha leaders told the Supreme Court that they should not hear it till 2019, because there are elections. Is it apt to drag the judiciary into politics in this manner?” he asked.

Terming it a “dangerous game”, the PM said the Congress gives tickets to Supreme Court lawyers for the Rajya Sabha, who threaten the judges with impeachment and thus “prevent hearing of sensitive issues” and “derail the justice system”.

The PM said work which should have been done in the Supreme Court “as per law and Constitution” is being delayed because of Congress games.

“I want to assure the judiciary, the judges, as long as the people of the country have given us the opportunity to serve, we will not let the Congress carry out its black deeds in the temple of democracy and we will work towards judiciary’s independence.

I will also assure the judges to not be scared by threats of impeachment and walk on the path of justice. The nation will walk with you.”

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