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China and the US have to ensure positive and constructive bilateral relations : Tiankai

Washington. The escalating trade tensions with China, US officials have repeatedly accused Beijing of stealing intellectual property and forcing technology transfers, and US Vice-President Mike Pence earlier this month said much of China’s economic success was driven by American investment.

However, Chinese ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai, said all the accusations about how China has developed are “groundless” and “not fair” to the Chinese people.

“You see China has 1.4 billion people. It would be hard to imagine that one-fifth of the global population could develop and prosper not by relying mainly on their own efforts but by stealing or forcing some transfer of technology from others,” Cui said in an interview with Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace.

“That’s impossible. The Chinese people are as hard-working and diligent as anybody on earth,” he said. The interview, conducted on Friday, started with comments on a litany of complaints Pence made against China last week, including what he alleged China’s efforts to interfere in the US midterm election by specifically targeting tariffs at Republican voters.

Cui said China has been “consistent” in pursuing the fundamental principle of not interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, and the country has a “very good” track record in this regard.

As to the paid advertisements placed in US newspapers, Cui said Chinese media are just learning from American media, to use all means to buy commercial pages in newspapers to make their views known or to cover what is happening here.

“This is normal practice for all the media,” the envoy said. Cui said it is important to notice who started the trade friction. “We never want to have a trade war. But if somebody started a trade war against us, we have to respond and defend our own interests,” he said.

Asked to comment on the impact of the trade tensions on the global economy and the “sharp drop” in the stock market last week, Cui said China and the US have the responsibility to ensure “positive and constructive” bilateral relations.

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