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The Royal Crown symbolising for 240 years display at the Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Kathmandu. The Royal Crown symbolising existence of monarchy in the country for 240 years has been put on display at the Narayanhiti Palace Museum.

General public can now observe the special and precious jewel-studded crown at the museum-turned Narayanhiti Palace.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli unveiled the Royal Crown, Sceptre and other regalia used by the Shah dynasty kings amidst a ceremony here today.

Opining on the roles of former monarchs in history for nationality and unification as ‘positive’, the Prime Minister  however, said that the right to rule by birth was not and could not be logical and justifiable under any circumstances.

The crown also contains 730 diamonds and 372 pearls. The tradition of the Kings wearing the crown by the kings started in Nepal since the time of king Rajendra Bikram Shah.

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