Congress President of Chhattisgarh state can be from tribal class

Chhattisgarh. Congress party to be elected to power in Chhattisgarh after 15 years can get its new state president soon. According to the sources, the new state president can be from the tribal class.

Immediately after the results of the Lok Sabha elections, Chhattisgarh Congress can get the new state president. In fact, the Congress is planning to take some responsibility of the PCC Chief and the Chief Minister, who is the Chief Minister, Bhupesh Baghel. Bhupesh Baghel himself has also urged for this.

Bhupesh Baghel, who plays an important role in reaching the organization to power, is discussing who will be the new PCC chief. According to information received on News 18, Congress may play tribal women’s card as PCC president. It is known that Bhupesh Baghel had taken over the charge of the PCC presidential election in Chhattisgarh.

In the Lok Sabha elections, Congress has fought under CM’s leadership. The party can now exercise the drill to reduce the load coming on the CM.

Take a look at those names which can be fought against becoming PCC Chief:

From Tribal Class-

Phoolodevi Netam – Phuloddev Netam’s name is running on top of the PCC Chief’s race. Currently the woman is the president of the Congress.

Mohan Marakam – Constructing a second consecutive assembly from Kadgaon, Marakam has a good image between the organization and the organization, also in the likes of Bhupesh Baghel.

Amarjit Bhagat – State President of Tribal Congress Amarjeet Bhagat was at the forefront of the PCC chief but according to the information received from the sources, Bhagat is being prepared to join the Council of Ministers.

From the OBC class-

Girish Devangan – The name of Devgnan too close to CM Bhupesh Baghel is also included in the list of new PCC Chief, who is presently the Chief Minister in charge of PCC.

Motilal Devangan – Former MLA and former leader of Janjgir region Motilal Devangan is also in the race for the PCC Chief, he has a direct engagement with the top command.

From the general class-

Satyanarayan Sharma – Senior Congress leader, MLA and former executive president of PCC are among the strong contenders from the general category.

Shailesh Nitin Trivedi – Chief of PCC Media Department and senior leader Shailesh Nitin Trivedi has also remained in PCC Chief’s Race from the general category.

After the formation of Congress government in Chhattisgarh, PCC chief Bhupesh Baghel has been holding dual responsibility since the time he was made Chief Minister till today. According to the information, after the election is over, CM will personally see himself wanting all the time to the government so that the rest of the system can be restored.

In this entire case, Congress Communication Department chief Shailesh Nitin Trivedi says that in Chhattisgarh Congress has won a historic victory in the assembly elections. After this, Bhupesh Baghel will be Chhattisgarh and the party’s head. The decision on the new PCC president will be led by the party leadership.

At the same time BJP spokesman Gaurishankar Shrivas says that after becoming CM of Bhupesh Baghel, they have been away from the workers and the Congress is trusting the Congress. Because of this, this exercise is being done.

Political analyst Ravi Kant Kaushik says that when Congress was formed from the OBC category, then BJP chose its own state president from this class. Now that the BJP has made an Adivasi face for the first time from Bastar as its state president, it may be that Congress may also make the PCC face of the tribal class.
– By Agency TNIS

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