I was terribly shocked at some posts : Ajay Kumar

I was terribly shocked at some of posts here by none other than by my learned Advocate brothers, who themselves have suffered at the hand of Delhi police, justifying the barbaric act of Delhi Police in Mukherjee Nagar incident in the name of attack by kirpan by Sikh driver. They were trying to justify the police uunlawful and henious act by putting forward arguments like, the accused has past criminal history or giving it communal overtone of Sikh vs Hindus etc.

From, day one I was saying that nothing can justify the act of police but instead of standing for common people of India and hapless sikh driver they decided to act as PRO of Delhi Police and ran campaign here on social media in favour of Delhi Police. I don’t know why they did so ?

I am again and again saying that the Mukherjee Nagar incident is mere tip of iceberg the real problem lies somewhere else and it lies in the way these day Delhi Police is being run as an institution by SHO dominated system, who openly disobeys seniors, law and act as judge himself sitting in his comfortable ac office, turning thanas into nothing but cash printing machine.

After, the incident too all attempts were made by police to justify the act by feeding wrong information in media, giving communal overtone to incident and by making the character of accused.

I have learned and ready to dispose on record before any Inquiry panel that Sikh driver was attacked by police because he not only refused to pay hafta but was becoming a big bottleneck in the way of collecting hafta. Who in this country doesn’t know how police and thanas survive and thrive on hafta wasuli. The broad day light havoc was created and orchaseted by police to terrify common citizens, old ppl and growing children to establish the message that no one should come in our way of hafta wasuli.
By dear advocate brothers and especially those who are active in bar politics and want to be our future leaders, now kindly read the observation made by Delhi High Court in this case and learn to stand for common cause of people of India, in every circumstances despite biggest temptation or terror.

The Delhi High Court rapped the Delhi Police for the alleged assault on a tempo driver and his minor son in northwest Delhi’s Mukherjee Nagar, saying it was “evidence of police brutality” and how a uniformed force ought not to act.

“How can you justify assault of a 15-year-old boy? If this is not evidence of police brutality then what more do you need?” a bench of Justice Jayant Nath and Justice Najmi Waziri said after perusing the videos of the assault which took place on Sunday.

The court further said if a uniformed force would act in this manner, it would “scare the citizens” who need to feel that police is there to ensure their safety.

“How can any uniformed force do this? This would scare the citizens that the uniformed force is acting in this manner. Would create disquiet in society. You (police) have to show you are with the citizens. That is what the citizens, including children, want,” the bench said.

The observations by the court came while issuing notice to the Centre, AAP government and Delhi Police seeking their stand on a PIL for an independent CBI probe into the incident.

The bench also called for an independent report within a week regarding the incident from an officer of the rank of Joint Commissioner of Police and listed the matter for further hearing on July 2.

On Sunday evening, several video clips of a brawl between Sarabjeet Singh, the auto driver, and policemen went viral on social media.

Delhi government additional standing counsel Satyakam, appearing for the police, said he was not defending the actions of the officers, adding FIRs have been lodged on complaints of both sides and they have been transferred to the Crime Branch for investigation.

He also told the court that three officers, who were identified from the videos, have been suspended and an officer of Joint Commissioner of Police rank is heading an independent enquiry into the incident.

However, the court, not satisfied with the submission, said eight to nine of the officers involved in the assault were clearly identifiable, and asked why no action has been taken against all of them.

The bench, which perused the video in court, also said the clips showed five officers dragging the minor boy along the street and beating him with sticks and asked what action has been taken against them.

“Identify the five officers who assaulted the boy, dragged him along the street all the while pelting him with sticks and that too in open daylight. The boy was unarmed and he was only trying to take his father away from there and yet he was brutally beaten by the officers,” the court noted.

It told the police and the Cental and AAP governments that action has to be taken against the five officers also who had beaten up the boy.

In one of the videos which went viral on social media, the tempo driver was seen chasing the policemen with a sword and in the other the officers were seen thrashing the auto driver and his son with batons.

Apart from an independent CBI probe, the petition by Seema Singhal — a lawyer — has also sought framing of appropriate guidelines for police reforms to prevent such “violent acts of police brutality and excessive force”.

The petition, filed through advocate Sangeeta Bharti, has also sought compensation for the victims of the assault.

It has also urged the court to call for the status and medical reports of the case along with the CCTV footage from Mukherjee Nagar police station.

According to police, the altercation had taken place after the tempo driver’s vehicle collided with a police van. Eight personnel were injured in the brawl, the police had claimed.

Subsequent to the incident, the Delhi Police suspended three policemen for “unprofessional behaviour” and had initiated a probe.

– Writer is National Spokesperson of Lok Janshakti Party and Senior Advocate

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