Not law and order problem but lost faith in judiciary : Ajay Kumar

Thank you EX Chief Justice of India and Ex Chairman, All India Human Rights Commission Dr. Balakrishnan and Dr. Adish C Aggarwala, Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Chairman, All India Bar Association,for openly supporting my views on, Justice for all topic.

The occasion was celebration of National Law Day, where I was asked to address an eminent gathering of, senior advocates, from all over India, some having experience of over 50 years at Bar and retired judges from Supreme Court and High Courts.

First, it was not an easy task for me to address such an enlightened gathering of legal stalwarts and second, I was asked to speak out of blue, having no idea of even receiving an award for best Criminal Practice, at Supreme Court.

In my four minutes speech, I just highlighted four things.

1) Indian legal system which is one of the oldest in world why has highest number of undertrails in jail ?

2) Can the principal aim of PM Modi of turning India into trillion dollar economy be achieved without reducing the high volumes of case pendency in our courts ? Such huge delays and lack of transparency erode the faith of foreign investors and corporations in our economy?

3) Our legal system was borrowed from Britishers, which again was anti people and pro foreign rule, so it’s not high time to rethink about it create a system suitable for our country with the involvement of common men of India. In this system though it runs from common men tax money, it hardly has any involvement of common man of India thus can it be called inclusive and for one and all ?

4) Last, but not the least, is increasing phenomena of mob lynching and such other violence do not announce the end of faith of common men in judiciary and thus they try to seek justice in their own way ?

It’s simply not law and order problem but the problem is that of lost faith in judiciary.

Dr. Justice, Balakrishnan, in his speech fully endorsed my views on languishing undertrails and mob lynching and demanded immediate action by govt.

Dr. Aggarwala, also congratulated me for me having the courage to call a spade a spade and for aggressively putting my views across the audience.

I thank the organizers for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to speak at such great forum.

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