UK clarify they had not backed effort of China on Kashmir issue at UNSC

London. United Kingdom has issued a formal statement regarding the move of China & Pakistan on Kashmir in United Nation Security Council (UNSC).

UK said in its statement that It had not supported the move to call the session or support any formal public statement request. UK has also refused to mediate between India and Pakistan.

UK is the first permanent five members of the UNSC to come out with a statement on its position at the meet.

Some media report claimed that the UK had backed China’s efforts to raise Kashmir issue at the UN Security Council but UK has totally rejected this claim of media’s report.

British High Commission spokesperson released a press statement and said, “There has been some inaccurate speculation about the UK position at the closed session of the UN Security Council on August 16 on Kashmir.”

“The UK did not call for this session or support a formal council statement, and we have a long-standing position that this dispute should be resolved bilaterally between the countries concerned, said in statement.

“Neither do we seek to mediate. We continue to call for restraint and action to address current concerns, and welcome efforts to do so as soon as possible,” mentioned in press statement

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