The year will no longer be BPL : Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal

DHAKA(Md Abdur Rahman). The year will no longer be BPL. Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal remarked that it is not right to organize BPL twice a year.

Responding to a question to reporters on Tuesday (September 3th) after a meeting of the planning ministry, he said, “BPL is to be made in my time.” The law states that there will be no BPL twice a year. There is no chance of becoming a BPL this year. “

Earlier, the sixth edition of the BPL was supposed to be held on December 18 However, due to the 11th parliamentary elections, the seat was held back on January 19. The seventh seat will be held in December of the same year, authorities said.

In addition, the BPL Governing Council decided to make a new deal with the franchisees at a meeting with the franchisees ahead of the upcoming BPL.

They were notified of the new two-party franchise. Date of reservation is set for 6 December.

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