Bangladesh Consulate does not give visa to minister of West Bengal Chowdhury

Dhaka/MD Abdur Rahman. On Thursday, Siddiqulla Chowdhury, the leader of the Jamaat Ulema Hind, was scheduled to fly to Bangladesh. Siddikula said he applied for a visa in accordance with the rules.

But the Bangladesh Consulate did not give a visa. He is angry at this incident. The Indian daily reported such information in a daily newspaper.
It is said that Siddikula Chowdhury was invited to the centenary celebrations of a madrasa in Sylhet.

Siddikula Chowdhury was also scheduled to visit a relative of his relatives who was suffering from a serious illness. That is why the minister applied for a visa.

But when the officials of the minister’s office went to the Bangladesh Consulate in Kolkata on Wednesday, they were informed that they could not pay the minister’s visa.

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