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On the last day of the year, meet the most successful personality of the year 2019, who has won the European country Moldova’s, the Order of Leadership Award, The Times Asian Person of the Year title named give to Parvati Jangid Suthar, India’s youngest active social worker in Asia, who, take heart her father’s death, did not dare, took over the family, kept her social mission going, became a role model for youth “No matter where the girl is born, the poor’s house or the rich’s house, in the village or in the city, she is also entitled to have grand dreams and we all together can fulfill her dream.”

This is the thinking of Parvati Jangid Suthar, daughter of Mrs. Sanju Devi and late Lunaram Suthar, hailing from the border village of India, Gagaria Barmer Hall, Jodhpur. From a young age, she not only does social service herself but also performs the intense work of self-awakening in women and youth with utmost vigor.

Dedicated to the society by not accepting her child marrige, she became the pioneer of the Youth Parliament of India. Struggled for studies, went to a coaching institute in 2013 to prepare for the civil service in Jodhpur… .Then, passing through there, she became witness to an incident when she saw some youngsters molesting a mentally deranged woman. When the people around were looking at that half-naked woman and laughing, then Parvati covered her body with her sardine and put an end to the bad incident, giving her We had the opportunity to meet the inner Parvati and felt some change within ourselves from that incident, we are dealing with such incidents everyday but how many are those who break down from such incidents to some extent, how many whose heart aches. Seeing all this, just that feeling makes Parvati special, she felt the pain of that mentally deranged woman herself and was excited to do something for women and this country.

And determined to do something, going to the border from childhood, tying rakhi to the military brothers was an important part of their life, now the journey of social service started from here, it was here that their social service journey started, in 2015 He then founded the Youth Parliament Organization, four times wrote to the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, to call for Youth Parliament to be convened at every district level, college, school across the country. The Prime Minister called on the 39th episode of his Mann Ki Baat on 31 December 2017 to call Youth Parliament, Mock Parliament all over the country, which had an impact across the country. Made a lot of efforts for the education of girls, not only this, Ms. Parvati, who was dedicated to the society, did not stop here.

Parvati said that when I came to know about Parvati inside, then I started distracting the anti-social activities happening in the society. And determined to surrender to society and country. I thought the world was very big. Many people are sad. People of dirty mindset are also unknown. But I should try to change it, change people’s thinking towards women, serve the needy, I should get changed it. Then when I heard the events of my home district, neighborhoods from time to time, saw the thinking of the people towards the girl child, it was said that our Barmer-Jaisalmer was known as the district who killed daughters, the situation was so bad that such There were also villages where the procession did not come for 100–100 years. So while child marriage was at a peak, it is still a matter of considerable thinking in western Rajasthan. I too have faced such situations, but nature had some other sanction. Today the situation has changed and not only me, many daughters of western Rajasthan have illuminated the name of village, district, their state, country not only in India but all over the world. This does not mean that the evils have ended, or the child marriage has stopped or the youth has come out of the wrong path. Even today, there is a need to rekindle the self-confidence that has been forgotten among women, awakening the self-confidence among women and youth along with the awakening of the nation, taking care of the constitution as well as the culture, keeping these objectives in mind, Youth Parliament was established. Which will be engaged in nation-building, working on subjects of national importance as well as on different issues arising in the society.

Special Work of Parvati:

Her own child marriage was thwarted, the society conscious of the malpractices, Parvati celebrating the festival of Rakshabandhan from childhood as the Bharat Raksha festival, with the social work, she listened to the last posts of the border and patrolling the jawans on the wrist. Rakhi celebrates the dam, makes her feel like her sister, Parvati special festival for the last six years, staying on the border for seven days and fencing thousands of kilometers The BoP celebrates the colors of Rakhi with the seals, To bop Covers, noting the problems of the soldiers, tries to get them away. This festival has been celebrated many times with the soldiers posted on the entire border of Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and this sentiment aroused among the people, currently the project is moving forward, thousands of sisters go to the checkpoints. This time, this festival was celebrated for seven days at mana, auli, joshimath,badrinath etc with the snowmen and BSF Doiwala stationed at 18500 feet in height of the Himalayas. The same spirit was awarded to Parvati Jangid, the sole civil person at the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Border Security Force. Apart from this, motivating the youth for BSF, Army Join, Parliamentary work system, Youth Parliament on democracy system, Emphasis on girl education, child marriage, for this, public awareness work is prominent.

Special achievements:

Presented exemplary examples of girl education, social service and Seema Jagran from the age of just 14 years. Nation continues to work despite father’s death in 2016, managing family including three elder sisters and two younger brothers, continuing service work, losing courage, Dainik Bhaskar’s Women Pride Award-2017 under Dainik Bhaskar’s Women Top Three Changers Attended, National Level Jio Dil Se Award by 94.3 My FF, at the World Governance Expedition in Israel under the Future Leaders of the World in 2018 The represented, tricolor Israel fluttered from 13 19 October 2018, Best was named delegate and great honor of Leadership ” Chanakya Awards ” to its name.

Recent special achievement :

The Geography Military Institute of the European country, Republic of Moldova, awarded “The Knight of International Illumination Medal, Order of Leadership and the Girl Hero Award” to Parvati Jangid, It is to be known that the story of the struggle of Parvati’s short life was teaching the Geography Historia Military Institute to the youth of European country Moldova to perform their duty to the good and the country, the young pirates due to poverty, etc. Going, beware of Parvati’s actions, courage and poverty, inspire the youth to read the spirit of nation building.

Honoring Parvati’s courage and courage, the Geography Military Institute of the Republic of Moldova received this international award. Parvati is on the border 7-10 days every year for Rakshabandhan, so she could not go. This is what makes Parvati’s devotion to the country and military brothers, special apart from the crowd. On reaching India for the international honor, Union Youth and Sports Minister Kiran Rijuji honored Parvati with this honor and medal in the ministry. And Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and former President and Bharat Ratna Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Hon’ble Chief Minister and Governor of Rajasthan called their residence and blessed it.

Parvati Youth icon has been conferred with dozens of national and international awards so far. Bharat Ki Laxmi National Award, Oscar of Leadership, Chanakya Award, Veer Durgadas Rathore Award, The Knight of International Illumination Medal, International Asia Continent Award, Vishwakarma Ratna, Order of Leadership, International Asia Continent Harmony Award, The Girl Hero Award, Jio Dil Se Award, Social Activist of the Year, Personality of the Year, Sister of BSF, Woman Pride, Bharat Gaurav, Fences Parvati is decorated with many honors including Mer Gaurav Parvati considers Swami Vivekananda & India’s PM Narendra Modi as the ideal. Seeing this girl Parvati from a very normal family, at this stage, the society and the border girls who had dropped out of education, started going back to school, college. Parvati, who has become an international identity, has received dozens of accolades including Vishwakarma Ratna and Bharat Gaurav, has been awarded many ministers of state and center, religious leaders, Border Security Force, Indian Army, Air Force and many institutions and nationalist thinkers.

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