An Indian citizen filed a case in Kathmandu District Court illegally

Kathmandu. A case has been registered by an Indian citizen in Kathmandu District Court. Which is unconstitutionally therefore, the issue of fairness and transparency within the court has also been raised after a case was filed by a person having citizenship in both Nepal and India.

In the case filed by first wife Manju Basnet her husband Hari Bahadur Basnet and Radha Thapa Basnet second wife filed a case against Manju in the Kathmandu District Court. Basnet got a Nepali citizenship in the name of Hari Bahadur Basnet and Indian citizenship in the name of Rajan Basnet which publicly comes out through concerned person of this case.

According to the case, Hari Bahadur Basnet or Rajan Basnet and Radha Thapa Basnet have been living in Uttam Nagar, New Delhi before several years. Manju Basnet, the first wife of Hari Bahadur Basnet, who is suffering from a non-citizen’s case, told at the Kathmandu District Court premises, “My husband Hari Bahadur Basnet has two citizenships in Nepal and India, and my sister-in-law Radha also have Indian citizenship.”

Using those citizenship of India they had bought land and houses in New Delhi. Kathmandu District Court has filed their case and has given me extra pain. Who will understand my pain ? Manju asked a question.

Manju said that she filed a case against his husband in Kathmandu District Court for obtaining her rights as she and her family of five, including her two sons and two daughters, have been ignored by Hari Bahadur Basnet for more than ten years after his second marriage who were resided at Uttamnagar, New Delhi with Radha Thapa.

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