Australia kills camels for water conservation

Dhaka. Australia shot 1,500 camels on the first day. Australia kills camels for water conservation Authorities have begun implementing a decision to kill more than 10000 camels in southern Australia.

The initiative has been taken to save excess water and food and to protect the indigenous people.

As part of the decision implementation, the first day of the helicopter, a trained sniper was shot at 1,500 camels on Thursday.

There are now 2300 indigenous people living in camel habitats.

The cause of the camel’s murder is said to be the southernmost region of Australia, which is in severe drought. There is naturally a crisis of food and water.

In the meantime, fires have worsened the situation throughout Australia. In the meantime camels have received plenty of water and taken food. As a result, the food crisis has become even more severe.

Besides, camels are being blamed for the production of methane gas in addition to damage to the area. By MD Abdur Rahman’Dhaka

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