Today Holi is celebrating at hilly and mountainous region of Nepal

Kathmandu. Today Holi Festival is celebrating at hilly and mountainous region of Nepal. Festival known as colour of festival is also called Holika Dahan.

All the age group of people from Nepal use to celebrate this festival especially teenagers use to celebrate for fun and friendship.

Today Nepal Government has given a public holiday at hilly and mountainous region to celebrate Holi Festival.

Likewise, tomorrow Holi Festival will be celebrating at Terai Region of Nepal. People use to play with colours and water eachother in this day.

As Corona Virus effects all around the world Nepal Government has restricted to play Holi Festival this year. People can’t play this year a fully Holi Festival as they played in previous years.

Even though people of Nepal are celebrating Holi Festival today on small groups and with their family.

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