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Nepal Government declared lockdown to control spread of Coronavirus

Kathmandu. Nepal Government declared lockdown across the country for one week from 23 March to 31 March. Lockdown will be start from 23 March at 6 am in the view to control spread of Coronavirus.

Spokesperson and Communication Minister of Nepal Yubraj Khatiwada had informed about decision of declaration of countrywide lockdown during press meet organised by Nepal Government. “Nepal Government will apply all the tools to control spread of Coronavirus and lockdown is one of the tool to control spread of Coronavirus,” he said.

The government has completely halted long-distance transportation services, suspended international flights, banned non-essential services, closed educational institutions and sealed 170 border points starting from March 23, 2020.

The government has also decided to mobilize security personnel at the 170 checkpoints to restrict the movement of people and set up health desks at major border points to ensure no traveler was affected.

Moreover, the government has announced that it will promote work from home culture in the private sector while instructing the employees of the essential services sector to attend their offices as usual.

In the same line, the Nepali Government has decided to take stern actions against those involved in black-marketing, hoarding and creating artificial shortages in the market.

Moreover, the government has planned to build a 5000-bed quarantine site to deal with the probable spread of deadly coronavirus.

Likewise, One patient with positive Coronavirus seen in Nepal. Minister for Health of Nepal Bhanubhakta Dhakal informed during press conference organised by Health Ministry of Nepal about it.

Minister Dhakal has informed that patient who came from France female of aged 19 was seen positive of Coronavirus during her test. This is second case of Coronavirus seen positive in Nepal.

One patient who was seen positive was already recovered. She was kept for treatment in Sukra Raj Tropical Hospital of Teku in Kathmandu.

Minister Dhakal said other people who may come on contact with her and family members were also kept in isolation for further procedure for future treatment if they were seen positive of Coronavirus.

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