Vaccine for coronavirus may never be found : Boris Johnson

London. The prime minister has unveiled a 50-page plan to relax lockdown rules, in which he said people who could not work from home should be encouraged to return to their places of employment.

While critics have pointed to the increased danger of COVID-19 being transmitted by this and other moves to ease restrictions, Boris Johnson insisted “a ‘zero risk’ approach will not work”.

And he argued in a foreword to the document that the government needed to plan for a “worst-case scenario” where scientists do not find a means of inoculating people against the illness. “It is clear that the only feasible long-term solution lies with a vaccine or drug-based treatment,” he says.

“But while we hope for a breakthrough, hope is not a plan. A mass vaccine or treatment may be more than a year away. Indeed, in a worst-case scenario, we may never find a vaccine.”

“So our plan must countenance a situation where we are in this, together, for the long haul, even while doing all we can to avoid that outcome.”

Experts have suggested any vaccine is unlikely to be available in less than a year to 18 months, despite scientists around the world working to find one that works. – sky news

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