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Dhotoe Cholkha Welfare Society demanded resignation of CTA minister Yuthok Karma Gelek

The Dhotoe Cholkha Welfare Society demanded unconditional resignation of cabinet minister of CTA for Religion and Culture Yuthok Karma Gelek.

Society urged Yuthok to resign from his post immediately as he said Tulku Orgyen Topgyal is usually an outspoken personality who speaks his mind and that he believes Tulku’s remarks are without any other intent or background.

Yuthok further said that empowerments that are done virtually, cannot be conferred although it is undisputed that blessings are passed to anyone who receives it.

Few days before Tulku Orgyen Topgyal blamed his Holiness Dalai Lama for practice of giving religious empowerments and blessings online.

Tulku Orgyen Topgyal said that empowerments can only be given when the teacher and student are physically together and not through television screens, adding that it violates tenets of empowerments.

Society condemned of recent view of Topgyal and urged him to apologise unconditionally with His Holiness Dalai Lama.

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