Overtake the provision of constitution caused accident in country : Dahal

Janakpur / Nepal. Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Chairman and Former PM Of Nepal Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda had warned  Province 2 government’s move to bring Provincial Police Act prior to the Federal Act will invite accident in the country.

He said while addressing a greeting exchange programme organised in Janakpur on Tuesday. “Chief Minister Ji, the country will witness accident if you try to overtake the provision of the constitution. Don’t invite accident, I am serious about your demand,” said Dahal.

“The federal government should bring the Police Act first,” said Dahal, adding, “Bringing the Federal Police Act was delayed because the government remained busy in endorsing other necessary acts related to the fundamental rights.”

He further said, “No one can bring the act going beyond the constitutional provision. The move to bypass the constitution would be detrimental.”


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