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US Secretary Pompeo focused on five topics on his press conference

Washington. US Secretary Mike Pompeo held a press conference at US Department of State. Pompeo focused on five topics during his press conference organised by US Department of State.

“I want to start off by offering a somber commemoration. Thirty-five years ago today, a Hizballah terrorist, trained by the Iranian regime, drove a truck packed with explosives into the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 241 Marines, sailors, and soldiers. We will never forget that cowardly act of terrorism or the heroes who came in peace and gave their lives that day.” Pompeo said.

The President just spoke, as many of you know. I have five topics I want to address today that will add color to some of the things that the President said.

US Secretary Pompeo said in press conference mainly focusing five topics. First, we’re encouraged by the high voter turnout in the Afghan parliamentary elections this past weekend. We commend the Afghan security and defense forces in their efforts to facilitate credible elections. There were some technical issues, but despite that we remain committed to assisting the election commissions, especially in their work for the presidential election that will come in April of 2019, he said.

Second, the migrant caravan is violating Mexico’s sovereignty, laws, and immigration procedures. President Trump will not stand for this to happen to the United States. To those who say this is a hardhearted stance, let’s not forget that the United States is a historically generous nation when it comes to immigration.

Over one million people per year are granted permanent legal status here in the United States. Over 33 million people total are currently here who have immigrated to this country legally. To those who want to come here: Come here legally. Legal immigration is the surest way to obtain the better life you are looking for here in the United States of America.

From a security standpoint, there is no proper accounting of who these individuals in the caravan are, and this poses an unacceptable security risk to the United States. Moreover, many of these people are ripe targets for human traffickers and others who would exploit them. We don’t want that to happen.

I’ve spoken twice in the last two days to my counterpart, Foreign Secretary Videgaray. We trust that Mexico’s leaders know what the best steps are to resolve this situation, and we urge timely action on their part. The United States also has a message for those who are currently part of this caravan or any caravan which follows: You will not be successful at getting into the United States illegally, no matter what. I repeat: The caravan will not cross our southern border illegally under any circumstances.

If you seek to come here, go through the normal refugee process. If you apply for refugee status, a permanent solution is possible in Mexico or in a third country. But I can tell you with certainty we are determined that illegal entry into the United States from this caravan will not be possible, Pompeo added.

Third, the State Department will continue to seek all relevant facts, consult with Congress, and work with other nations, and work to hold accountable those responsible for the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. The administration is also taking appropriate actions now, given the information currently available to the United States.

We have identified at least some of the individuals responsible, including those in the intelligence services, the Royal Court, the foreign ministry, and other Saudi ministries who we suspect to have been involved in Mr. Khashoggi’s death. We are taking appropriate actions, which include revoking visas, entering visa lookouts, and other measures. We are also working with the Treasury Department to review the applicability of Global Magnitsky sanctions to those individuals.

These penalties will not be the last word on this matter from the United States. We will continue to explore additional measures to hold those responsible accountable. We’re making very clear that the United States does not tolerate this kind of ruthless action to silence Mr. Khashoggi, a journalist, through violence. We continue to maintain a strong partnership with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Neither the President nor I am happy with this situation.

Our shared strategic interests with Saudi Arabia remain. We continue to view as achievable the twin imperatives of protecting America and holding accountable those responsible for the killing of Mr. Khashoggi, he said.

Fourth, last week, a delegation of Cuban diplomats threw a childish temper tantrum at a UN-sponsored gathering at the UN. It was a meeting highlighting the Cuban regime’s intolerance of political opposition and the plight of political prisoners. In response, I have written a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres requesting to know what measures the UN will take to respond to these actions and make sure that they do not happen again, added Pompeo.

And finally, it’s my honor to tell you that Ambassador Dan Smith will become the new director of the Foreign Service Institute, something which I intend to devote a significant piece of my time and attention to as the Secretary of State.

This is a very important institution here for our Foreign Service officers. Dan will lead the State Department institution responsible for all of our team’s initial training and their continued professional development. Dan shares my vision – I knew him when he was head of INR and I was in my previous role.

Dan shares my vision of having the best-trained and most professional diplomatic corps in the world. He is impeccably qualified for this role, and I look forward to him taking the helm at FSI, Pompeo said during his press conference.

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